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What is CCET?


The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET) by the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) of the Republic of Moldova is a public institution subordinated to CEC, established in line with art. 27 of the Electoral Code.

The good organization and development of elections by complying with the legal provisions, depends, to a great extent, on the level of professional education of the persons engaged in the electoral process. Before CCET was created, the process of electoral officials’ training had been held fragmentarily, had had an occasional and unsystematic character. There was no certification mechanism of the electoral officials either, nor to assess their professional abilities. Through its activity, the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CCET) shall fill in these gaps contributing in such a way to the increase of the number of persons who have professional experience in the field of elections and to a more qualitative organization of the election process.

The CCET is located in Chisinau municipality.

The mission of the CCET is to contribute to providing a favorable environment for organizing fair and transparent elections in the Republic of Moldova.

The Centre has been established for the purpose of training and qualifying the electoral officials including the persons in the Register of electoral officials, their ongoing professional training and of the subjects involved in the election process in the Republic of Moldova, as well as other interested persons.

The main objective of the CCET is to transfer through training the best practices in the electoral field to the persons involved in the organization and development of the elections in Moldova.

CCET activities:
• Providing training/professional, qualification/ongoing training using modern interactive educational techniques for adults education.
• Establishing, maintaining and periodically updating the electronic electoral officials registration system, which shall function transparently and ethically, promoting actively the process of modernizing the electoral system.
• Cooperating in an innovative and practical way public institutions, political parties, mass-media civil society and international organizations in order to promote the successful practices and international standards in the field of elections organization.

CCET consists of 2 departments:
• Training and certification
• Logistics and administration

The Centre’s personnel includes 7 full-time employees (the director, the deputy-director, the senior specialist- methodologist, 2 coordinating specialists-methodologists, a chief-accountant and a methodologist) and experts hired based on service agreements. The Centre aims to create and maintain a network of regional trainers, that shall be involved in the training activities in-between the elections.

The CCET beneficiaries are electoral officials of all levels, involved in the electoral processes, the employees of the electoral bodies apparatuses, the NGO representatives, observers, mass-media, political parties representatives and voters.

Training programs
Trainings shall be organized for all types of beneficiaries.

At the moment, CCET trainers have trained over 40,000 individuals from all levels of the electoral process - members of electoral councils and of election bureaus of polling stations, persons delegated by candidates, representatives of local public administration responsible for checking and updating the electoral lists, judges, etc. For these trainings were trained over 100 trainers.

First page  »  About CCET  »  What is CCET?

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