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Webinar “Educația școlară a copiilor în spiritul democratiei participative” desfasurat in cadrul proiectului ‘Engleza – catalizator al democratiei scolare
Date / Period: Tuesday, 26 October 2021
Time: 17:00 - 19:00
Location: Platformă de instruire la distanță
Instruirea membrilor Birourilor Electorale ale Sectiilor de Votare la alegerile locale noi din 21 noiembrie 2021
Date / Period: Tuesday, 02 November 2021 - Thursday, 11 November 2021
Time: 06:00 - 17:00
Location: Reoublica Moldova
E-hub “Bune practici de asigurare a accesibilitatii alegerilor – experiența Letoniei”
Date / Period: Wednesday, 03 November 2021
Time: 14:00 - 13:00
Location: Stream Yard - live pe facebook
Workshop „Organizarea Laboratoarelor Democrației în școli” desfasurat in cadrul proiectului ‘Engleza – catalizator al democratiei scolare
Date / Period: Saturday, 06 November 2021
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Platforma zoom.us
Conferinta Știintifica online „Democrație incluzivă prin alegeri incluzive”
Date / Period: Friday, 12 November 2021
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Location: Stream Yard








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News and Events
Conference: ”Inclusive democracy through inclusive elections” November 10, 2021 (on-line)
Date: 28.09.2021   

Conference ”Inclusive democracy through inclusive elections” is organized by the Center for Continuous Electoral Training (CICDE) from the Republic of Moldova in cooperation with Centro Internacional de Capacitación e Investigación Electoral (CICIE), INE, Mexico  and Faculty of International Relations Political and Administrative Sciences (FRIŞPA), State University of Moldova.

The aim of the conference is to foster the scholarly debate around the problem of Electoral Inclusion and its impact on the quality of democracy.

Researchers, electoral experts and EMB representatives are invited to present their papers on the subject, with a particular attention given to inclusion in elections of traditionally sub-represented categories: persons with disabilities, youth, women, and citizens from abroad, national minorities, persons in prison detention, ill and hospitalized citizens and another underrepresented and vulnerable groups of citizens.

For analysis and papers are opened topics related to electoral inclusion and democracy changes – full democracy, hybrid regimes, and flawed democracies.

Researchers will have the possibility of publishing their papers in the Electoral Digest, a bi-annual journal of analysis, theory and research in electoral field, issued by CICDE.

Papers files should be provided in Microsoft Word format and have between 4000 and 7500 words. This includes all text, the structured abstract, key words (5-10), references, tables, figures and appendices.

Author details to be provided:

- Name of the author or Names of all contributing authors in the order in which you’d like them to be published;
- Author email address (institutional preferred);
- Author affiliation. This should be where they were based when the research for the paper was conducted.

There is no registration fee.

Application is open until October 10, 2021, To register click on application. 

Draft papers should be sent by November 1, 2021 by e-mail: arina.kraijdan@cicde.md

Contact person Dr. Arina Kraijdan (+373) 79 405 373

The event will be hosted by the CICDE in hybrid format, on November 10, 2021.

Working languages: Romanian, English

Download Attached files
pdf, 465 KB

News and Events

Who are the future MPs of the Republic of Moldova? Why would they be interested in becoming elected representatives of the people? What problems would they intend to solve? The answers to all these questions shall be provided in the essays that the applicants will write. Children and young people from two age groups can enter the competition: 12-15 and 16-19 years old. Read more...
The electoral internship program is in its 4th edition and has a duration of 4 weeks, is intended for people who are at least 18 years old, are students in one of the country’s higher education institutions, have a valid identity card and are actively involved in public life. Read more...
From 4 February to 17 April 2021, the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training organised the third edition of the electoral vlogging contest for children aged 7-14. Read more...
The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training, with the financial support of the United National Development Programme in Moldova, announces the call for project proposals on developing/setting up or broadening/diversifying services of civic and electoral education to be delivered by libraries to current and future voters. Read more...
On 27 April 2021, the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training launched, for the first time, the online course ‘Misuse of Administrative Resources during Electoral Processes’. It can be can accessed HERE Read more...
The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training congratulates the approximately 4000 librarians from the Republic of Moldova on their Professional Day and wishes them further outstanding achievements. Read more...
The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training (CICDE) under the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) represented by Director Dr. Doina Bordeianu and Moldova State University (MSU) represented by Rector Dr. Igor Șarov, signed an Agreement of Cooperation on 22 April 2021. Read more...
The project aimed to change the attitude of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova living in the country and abroad towards the elections, to contribute to increasing their knowledge about the electoral process, to promote a greater voter turnout among young people, as well as ethnic minorities, to strengthen the professionalism of electoral officials and to assess the impact of CICDE trainings for the 2020 presidential election. The project included two components: the first one targeted the voters, the second one – the electoral officials Read more...
The Centre for Continuous Electoral Training under the Central Electoral Commission, represented by the Dr. Doina Bordeianu and the ‘Stefan cel Mare’ Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, represented by Dr. Dinu Ostavciuc, agreed to sign a Cooperation Agreement on the development and implementation of study programmes, specialised trainings and joint activities in the electoral field, security and integrity of the electoral process, and development of electoral culture. Read more...
Centre for Continuous Electoral Training under the Central Electoral Commission launches an open call for the people that want to become trainers in the electoral field. Selected people will be trained and assessed by CICDE. Subsequently, the candidates that pass the assessment will be involved in the training of election officials and other categories of beneficiaries. Read more...

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